Thursday, January 22, 2009


My son Brendan is the proverbial trash collector, always hoarding leftover boxes, bottles, and other used trinkets. He uses these items for his "inventions". And he feels like he is contributing to the recycling cause by using these items in a new way. He does have a point. For this particular "creation", as we call them around here, he made a list of items and collected and stored them around the house like a squirrel scavenging and storing nuts for the winter. And finally one day, we had ourselves a rather large robot which he promptly hid in while serving a pop tart to his father through the hole which you will notice in the front. Daddy is smarter than that son. Now who am I to squash the ambitions of a 7 year old boy, regardless of the trash...I mean treasures... that lay in waiting around our house for the next inventions? So I came up with the idea to take pictures of his inventions and creations and to put them in a photo album where he can journal about them. Then when trash day comes our little robot friend can march on out to the curb and Brendan will have the photo as a memory. He is by the way, currently reading a biography of Thomas Edison right now, which I'm sure is very inspiring to the young lad. He recently asked me if there were still new inventions today, and I brought up the oh so clever "Snuggie", the blanket that you wear. He said, "Ah, that's a boring invention". I have to say I agree with him. His inventions are much more interesting and clever!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Major Breakthrough

I am so excited to say that Nolan has written his name independently 3 different times now! Yeah!! This is a HUGE accomplishment after over 2 years of practice...laborious practice. I have yet to see him in action because he saves it for school and once he gets home I have a very difficult time getting him to practice schoolwork. I'm sure it's because he works extremely hard all day at school. This is an answered prayer because I have been very worried about his writing skills. This is a huge step forward for him to become a writer. I am so proud of him and I am looking forward to all of his achievements, little and big!