Sunday, March 29, 2009

Running Plans

Because of illness in my running buddy's family, we are not doing an organized half marathon now. We are however, going to run our own private half marathon. We are still training, we will just have to bump it back a few weeks. We are looking for fun names for our race if there are any suggestions? Tomorrow I am running 10 miles by myself while my children are at school. Thank goodness for my IPOD which, by the way, has a wide variety of music on it. I have Christian alternative, celtic, folk, bluegrass, and rock. The only criteria is, it-must-keep-me-GOING! I do plan to Gu up halfway at mile 5 and hopefully the wind is not a deterrent. Next weekend I am running in a relay race and I am running 2 legs, AND I am the slowest one on the team. Hope they don't think we're breaking any records! I am just thankful and grateful to be out in the Spring air. I truly enjoy it!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Big Girl and Her Bitty Baby

For her 3rd birthday, we bought Alaina her first American Girl doll. We decided on the Bitty Baby because she is younger and it was much more affordable. Plus, she LOVES to play with babies. Several family members went in on the gift with us, which included the baby with the same eye and hair color as Alaina, a backpack to tote the baby in, a blanket, matching pjs for the baby and Alaina, a bottle, a bib, and two extra outfits. These dolls are of really good quality and Alaina loves having matching pajamas. She chooses this doll over every other doll she has, and she has several dolls to choose from. When she gets older, if she wants, we would like to get her the larger doll version which is quite pricey. I foresee many fun years with this doll. I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Don't Worry, It's Not Child Labor

If you walk into our elementary school, you may see a jolly, freckly-faced little fellow pushing a mop down the hallway alongside the school's custodian. Mr. Muskodian is what Nolan calls him. He's had a fascination with both the custodians all year long. So his teacher had the brilliant idea of having him help "Mr. Muskodian" as a reward for working extra hard. And Nolan has been thrilled! Since typical rewards don't interest him, this is right up his alley. He is currently involved in a research study at KU, involving teaching social skills to children with autism using different teaching strategies. So the students working with him asked me what motivates him. I promptly said, "Ceiling fans." They thought I was joking. Uh....not. As I was walking down the hallway at school today, I introduced myself to "Mr. Muskodian" as Nolan's mother. He was so pleased to have Nolan help him, and I think he is really enjoying being useful in that way also. I am so thankful for Nolan's Kindergarten teacher. She is so creative, supportive, and resourceful!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


A little boy in a black cape
Leaping tree houses in a single bound.
Pure joy bursts from this superhero
As he flies round and round.
With his freckly face and bouncy step
He brings smiles to whoever he sees.
He dreams of touching the stars from heaven
And meeting the Doctor of Peace.
He's quirky, moody, fast-paced, and flighty
As all superheroes can be.
He's not worried what others think
From his own world it's hard to flee.
He saves people by being a light
And shows them a unique way of living.
This superhero is a gift from heaven
Direct from the Father of giving.

March 2009