Monday, November 21, 2011


In high school my personalized license plate read, YBNORML. Later on in college it read, BURSELF. I always wanted to be unique and different. Whether or not I achieved that at that young age, I don't know. But I do admire other people who are "one of a kind".

My son Nolan is one of those people. Tonight he was frustrated about how hard school is and said to me, "I wish I wasn't different. I want to be like everyone else." He has also expressed to me that he, "hates his life with autism." In the last year he has started realizing that he is not quite like his peers. It breaks my heart when he makes comments like these, because I wouldn't change his uniqueness for anything. Would I take away his struggles? Of course. But I wouldn't change him, his quirky ways, his blunt honesty, or the way he bounces around with no inhibitions just because he is truly and purely overjoyed about something in his little world. So as his mother, I have to figure out how to take these frustrations he's having and turn them around. I want him to celebrate who he is and be proud of the fact that he is unique. I know I am. And I am so blessed to be his mother.