Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sunrise Sunrise

Last night Nolan told me he wanted to see the sun this morning. So on our day off from school, he woke up at the painfully early time of 6:20. After making him stay in bed until after 7, he quickly put on his coat and shuffled outside in his old man slippers, pjs, and coat to watch the sunrise. I watched him from the kitchen window. He stood very still and actually watched the sun rise over the eastern horizon. For a boy who is constantly moving and getting into things, he amazes me sometimes. He stops to notice details in things and takes joy and pleasure in the simple things in life. This is one of my many wishes and prayers for my children, to notice and take joy in simple things, like nature. Things that other people might just hurry by and not notice or pay attention to. And most importantly to see God's handiwork all around in a sunrise.