Thursday, December 15, 2011

Written Word

This is what I often find Brendan doing when I tuck him in at night. He's up on his bunk bed hunkered down reading the funnies. Every week his great grandma (my grandmother), sends him the comics along with a hand written note. Each week he eagerly opens his letter and often sits right down and writes her back. They exchange interests, daily happenings, and have even sent hand drawn pictures to each other. As she is getting older we are seeing her a little less and I'm thankful for this meaningful way of communicating. My grandmother still sits down and hand writes letters to friends and family. Everyone enjoys checking the mailbox and finding an envelope written in someone's handwriting waiting for them. It's personal. In this day of increasing technology I still enjoy holding an actual newspaper or book in hand to read. A hand written letter? Even better. I'm so thankful that my grandmother is still here with us and is able to pass on something that is very important to her generation.....the hand written word.


Miriam said...

So super cool, Jill!!! A lost art. I've been thinking of sending out postcards drawing some and sending them. I love the family connection you have going here.

Amanda said...

I still miss getting letters from my grandma, and she had to stop writing me over 5 years sure you keep some of those for him. They're a great way to look back on life at this time.